Friday, November 29, 2013


It has been such a rough day for me these couple of days. I can't really know which way to go. My heart was such a mess. And it still is. Until today. I don't know where to start or even know what went wrong. Some nights I can't hold my tears, and some night I just couldn't care less about it anymore. My self-esteem is very low. The feeling is just there. Wherever I go, whatever I do, the feelings of being insecure is just there. Oh Ya Allah :(

It was broken into pieces and I was finding all back the pieces alone. Every morning I will fake a smile and act like things were fine. I pretended like it was okay. Like I was the happiest person in this world. Because I don't have any words to tell whenever they asked "What's wrong?" "Are you okay?". I wish I could just cry, cause a hug from a friend is what I really need right now. But NO, instead, I smile and said everything is fine. I lied to myself.

I believe, the more I pray, the more Allah will make me feel safe. Even if these diseases can't be cured, as long as I have Allah, I will be fine. Isn't? InsyaAllah. Hopefully I can change myself in few years to come. To be a better me for Allah is always with me. Amin :) :)

Duhai hati -- bila cemburu, bila rindu, bila sedih kehilangan sesuatu, ucaplah “Ma Fi Qalbi Ghairullah (Tiada di hati ku melainkan Allah)". 



Afiqah Adzan said...

Yes Allah is always with you .. Dont be sad even its too hard .. Trust Allah :)

fatin adawiah said...

lame xkomen dekat belog zatie..xsgka bukak2 ade update baru..heee rindu pe lg kite bc lah kan..pminat setia katenye..

zatie,sabar ye..
even akak xtahu ape sebenarnye yg tertusuk & terpendal dlm hati sanubari zati,bersabarlah ye sayang, Allah sentiase ade dgn zati..sgt dekat..setiap saat..keep that in mind syg..

kuatkan smgt,tempuhi dgn doa & smgt..senyum selalu (: kan manis tu..hii

kalaulah zati betul2 perlukan seseorang tempat bercerita,dan xtau nak crite pd sape lg,zati boleh whatsapp/wechat akak anytime

sometimes talk wit strangers is working right?

i love u eventhough kite xpenah meet each other..perhaps..someday Allah akan pertemukan kite.amin.

kuatkan hati syg.. =)love u.